Thursday, 27 March 2014

3 little words

No, not I love you!

This month saw Santander launch their biggest ad campaign to date with their 'Simple, Personal, Fair' message.  Santander state in the new campaign that these 3 little words sum up their banking service.  Keith Moor, chief marketing officer at Santander, explained “Our brand new campaign is about showing customers how we aspire to be Simple, Personal and Fair, showing them we are listening and doing all we can to build a better bank........” Whether or not this is their actual customers opinion or what they would like their opinion to be (!), it set me thinking.

Our strapline at McCann Erickson was always 'Truth Well Told' which was indeed what we always strived to do as marketeers.  However, confining your company's service or offering to 3 little words is quite a tricky ask?  Although it does focus the mind.  Why not give it a try?

What 3 words best describe what your company offers?  It might take you longer than you thought!

For Footprint Marketing I would choose 'Experienced, Focused, Accountable'.

Bye for now!

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