Monday, 1 December 2014

Santa is Old News.........

............and it's only December 1st!

If, like me, you're sick of the christmas battle of the ads already, then perhaps we should all sign a petition to delay the christmas exposure?  Will it be John Lewis and that poor little boy with no mates, Sainsburys with their controversial depiction of the first world war Christmas Day truce or M&S with their ads which always get me excited that the stores will be transformed with goodies I won't be able to resist, yet without fail, leave me wondering how there can be such a chasm between their branding and the reality of their offering.  Or even Lidls in their quest to overcome customer perception and get us all to switch from our comfortable stalwart shopping favorites to an unknown, German entity which actually offers just as much quality at vastly reduced prices? The list goes on.

Who will get more online hits, in store sales and who cares?

For all my bemoaning, Christmas for our family is a time of great excitement,  spending time with family and friends, huddled round the fire, relaxing, eating, drinking, revelling in the children's excitement, making it a special time for loved ones and not-so-loved ones alike!

If there was a national ban on christmas advertising until December 1st then there would be less time to spend money, less time to get worked up about it all.  Why should we be driven into parting with our hard earned cash as early as October by retailers?  Today is the 1st December and I feel like we've had Christmas twice over already.

In future, why not wait until December? Then, let the festivities for the true countdown to Christmas begin.


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