Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Space hoppers in the hall of advertising

Handcuffs, sketchers and a lot more besides!

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This is one of my commercials from the 'hall of advertising', rewind 20 years and it was pretty cutting edge!! Yes really! The task was to launch a hip and trendy music station with limited budget.   The campaign was loud, proud and ever so slightly offensive, running as a cinema commercial, supported by outdoor posters.

Imagine if you will, a 3metre by 6metre road side poster depicting pierced nipples, tampons and condoms scattered around Bristol city centre.  Church goers were not amused with the pierced nipple version appearing outside their front door!  It caused a stir and consequently Galaxy 101 got loads of FREE publicity off the back of it! The lady sporting the 'pierced nipple' was even interviewed on local TV.

All in all, a successful campaign, which far outreached the scope of the original budget because the creative was clever and controversial.

The moral of the story.............think outside the box!!

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